Monday, December 14, 2009

Battle of the Bands-ish

Yesterday Aaron and I were lucky enough to receive a set of 4 tickets to watch the taping of Music & the Spoken word from his grandmother. After the taping The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed a mini-version of the Christmas concert they had performed earlier that weekend including guests Natalie Cole (Nat King Cole's daughter) and David McCullough. The performance was amazing and beautifully presented as has been my experience from any MoTab concert I have attended. After returning home from Salt Lake City we went to church where the agenda for Sacrament Meeting was, you guessed it, the Christmas program given by the choir. Our choir performed admirably with some lovely accompanying orchestral pieces. They succeeded in bringing the Spirit and reminding us of what Christmas is centered around. After church, dinner and a refreshing nap we were again off, this time to a concert given by Latter-day Sounds, a choir Taber is a part of. Again we were privileged to enjoy a fabulous concert which brought the Savior into the forefront of our minds. I'm not so sure about Aaron but for me this day felt like the beginning of the real holiday season. Even though I have been subjected to Christmas music at work since the beginning of October I have discovered that working in retail sucks the life out of your weekends and holidays and I am just now beginning to feel that it might be time for Christmas. So, finally, Merry Christmas!