Friday, July 23, 2010


I do realize that I haven't posted in a very long time, what can I say? It got moved to the bottom of the "To-Do" list. I thought I might as well catch up with some pictures etc. Aaron and I have been to two family reunions since I last posted. The first with my side of the family was the last weekend of June. We just returned from Aaron's family reunion last Saturday. I don't have any pictures from my family reunion at Lake Powell but I did take some while at Aaron's family reunion. The first set is of a bike ride I went on around Park City, UT with one of my sister-in-laws, Stephanie, and one of my brother-in-laws, Jared. Aaron decided to go golfing with his father and grandfather that day so he didn't come along.
What a great view of the city, huh?
My two companions for this marvelous ride.

(Stephanie didn't know I was taking a picture.)
It was gorgeous with a lot of wildflowers and picturesque sections of trail.

This was one of my favorite flowers we saw along the way.
Ah, yes. Near the condos we were staying at was the Shoe Tree or should I say several trees, all filled with shoes like this one. My personal favorite was the bright pink pair of Nike women's shoes I would have climbed up and taken them down but they looked pretty dirty...
Saturday, the 17th of July, we were able to attend one of Aaron's cousin's weddings, Steve and Ariel were both quite happy to be married after dating for around two years.
This is definitely not the best picture of us but it's the only one I have of us on that day.
The temple always has such beautiful flowers.
Many of you have been following our ongoing fish saga, well here's the latest. Elmo died shortly after my post. He had this thing about burying himself under the rocks in his bowl, how odd... Anyway Elmo's replacement is just called Mo and fortunately he seems to have zero tendencies towards burying himself under rocks or jumping out of his bowl.


Codee said...

Good to read something new--sounds like you guys have had an exciting summer. You better take care of your fish, if you have too many suspicious death the animal cruelty people will come and investiage! Love you.

Kira said...

Yeah, an update! How long was Aaron's family reunion? And good pics of the flowers. Do you have pics of Mt. Timpanogos? Take care of Mo...Codee is right you know!

Anonymous said...

That is a horrible picture of us...why do we have it up?
oh well.