Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Over!

Well I took my final for Chem 105 yesterday and I feel as if I have finally rejoined the world of normal people. A few things of note have taken place since my last post. One of them is that Aaron and I rescued a baby quail about a week ago. The quail live in the bushes surrounding our parking lot and we found this one after it snuck into our neighbor's apartment. After his mother hadn't come for an hour we decided to take him in. Luckily Aaron has had experience raising birds because I didn't have the foggiest idea of what to do. He stayed with us for almost an entire 24 hours before something inside him burst. At least that's what we assume because he suddenly had a big growth on his neck. We decided that if he was to die he should be happy so we let him go in the bushes around the parking lot. However, when we came back to check on him he was nowhere to be found. So he either survived or was carried away by something. Anyway, I took this picture of him (I called him Squeaker) probably about 2 hours before we set him free.

The other thing that happened to us recently that I thought I should note is that our pet fish Burt died yesterday. Aaron took it quite hard, he mourned for a whole 10 seconds. I did some searching online and found that PetSmart was having a sale on betta fish. So I went and found a new friend, Elmo. Not that anyone really cares but I have already noticed quite a few differences in personality between Burt and Elmo which surprised me. I didn't think that fish were so personable.


Holly said...

Congratulations on finishing your class!!! Chem 105 is a beast! And sorry to hear about Burt, but glad you have Elmo to take his spot. :)

Eli said...

No, not Burt! He wasn't even yet to his birthday! Argghhh! Take ME instead!!!!
But now a red one, huh? That's pretty sweet!

Codee said...

it alawys was you and animals--is this what I have to look forward to with Herbie?

Kira said...

Poor Squeaker...I hope he survived and is having a successful life. And poor is Elmo fairing? Are you doing a new post soon?