Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ordinary, Plain & Simple, Typical Everyday...Life

Okay I know it's been a while but there hasn't been too much to report. Aaron has started a new semester and luckily his classes this semester don't seem quite as intense as last semester or at least he's getting ahead on some of his school work making his classes a little easier. As for me my promotion at work has finally taken effect despite some quibbles in December about whether or not I was actually going to get it or not. The good news with this promotion is that I know get about 30-35 hours a week and I got a $.75 raise bringing my hourly wage up to a whopping $8.25. However, this did eliminate the need for me to have two jobs so I resigned from working at GAP seeing as I only got about 5-7 hours a week there and leaving opened up my availability to work at Shoe Carnival in the mornings as well as the evenings. When I'm not working I have started taking MATH 110 online through BYU Independent Study to raise my GPA so that I can, hopefully, next fall attend BYU full-time. The time that Aaron and I have together is limited because I am normally at home while he is at school and while he is home I am at work. Therefore I have a lot of conversations with Burt who is a very good listener and also happens to be our fish as shown here.
The one thing I have enjoyed about not being in school at the moment is being able to read for pleasure again. When I'm in school and I have all the required textbook reading reading for pleasure doesn't exist because it's not pleasurable. However, in the absence from school I have resurrected a love for reading that has been buried since I graduated from high school. This gives me hope that I will be able to enjoy reading for the rest of my life once these college days have past.


Kira said...

While I am sure that Burt is a fabulous listener, maybe you should try me out sometime? Hint, hint...:)