Sunday, January 24, 2010

59 is so old!

I decided this week to partially copy Codee and reminisce a little about my dear old Dad and tell about the past week at the same time seeing as the highlights of this week were Dad's birthday and Saturday. I spent Dad's birthday at work where I promptly told all my coworkers what a sacred day it was because it was my father's 59th birthday, they wished him a happy birthday in correct homage to the day of days and I celebrated by buying a $9 pair of shoes...I just know Dad really would have wanted me to get them. In reality I was thinking about Dad and, while at work, appreciating the work ethic he played a big part in encouraging me to develop. Until I started working at jobs with coworkers, as opposed to working alone, I thought that everyone had a healthy work ethic. Now I appreciate being taught that it's easier to spend the time and do it right the first time instead of having to do it again. I also appreciate learning that "We work first, then play," if I had a dime for every time I've heard that one...anyway happy birthday Dad. The other highlight of the week was on Saturday. I wanted to invite people over for dinner, Aaron wanted to watch the BYU basketball game on TV at 8pm. So we compromised and invited people over for dinner that we thought might want to watch the game with us. At 7 our guests arrived who happened to be Taber and Rebecca Cope and Ray Whitcomb. Our menu was potato soup with bread bowls and for dessert lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting. Don't be too impressed the cupcakes were from a mix we received as a wedding gift. I thought it mostly went well except that Aaron opened the oven before the cupcakes were done and they fell in at the center but nothing a little extra frosting can't fix. But, then as I was trying to get the cupcakes out of the pan I broke most of them in half. They still tasted the same but they didn't look very pretty, oh well life goes on and I've never been much of a baker anyway.


Kira said...

Good job being an official-type "housewife" of sorts! Did you make the bread bowls, rather than buying them? I recall when you made them the first time not long ago, right? You are right, Dad did teach us a good work ethic! How is your online class going? Are you sick of doing retail work yet? Ready to be a student again?

Anonymous said...

I have now caught up on your blog. I have to admit I have been visiting the blog regularly for almost two weeks. I have been listening to your playlist. When I want something new, I figure you're a good source and I can find it fast. The kids favorite so far is the McCartney one, about a beautiful soul. Talk to you later. Call me. Cassidee