Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keep On Keeping On

I have recently figured out why I never post. This is because nothing in my life ever changes! I go to work at least 5 days a week (6 for this one). Aaron has started school back up and while it is definitely a nice change to actually see each other in the mornings to me it feels like that's the only thing that has changed. I still spend most of my time either at work or asleep, there's still never enough time to accomplish all that I need to in the short time that I'm home and for Aaron there's still always more homework that could be worked on. There is one new addition to our life which is team teaching a Preach My Gospel class during the Sunday School hour each Sunday. Today was our first lesson on Charity...and at this point I have nothing else to say and anything I write beyond this point is just going to be wasting your time so you might as well quit reading. Seriously, stop reading, this is not a joke. Everything that I am writing now is just to make my post look like it is of a sufficient length that I actually had something to say, that way when you first look at it you'll be all excited like, "Hey, maybe Keely actually had some important news that she wanted to let us know about this week." Then, after reading this, you'll realize that wasn't the case and you've just read this entire thing wasting at least 30 seconds of your time.


Kira said...

Thanks for at least posting, and being clever and funny about it! You could give us an update on he still alive? Since we got the beta at your wedding we know of 2 other families that have gotten one. They are the "cool" fish to get, I guess. Also, 2 of the originals from your wedding are still alive. Do you know of anymore?