Sunday, April 25, 2010


Our top news story this week is that the semester is finally over! (This statement is normally followed by cheering and dancing around the room.) Aaron took his last final Wednesday afternoon and that is when we learned that Aaron has managed to get straight A's this semester! Prior to final's week Aaron and I had made a deal that if he got straight A's this semester we would go out to eat at Olive Garden, which is fairly expensive but also my favorite restaurant. However, if he did not receive straight A's then we would go out to eat at Chili's which is much less expensive and, consequently, Aaron's favorite restaurant. So following his final on Wednesday afternoon we went to Olive Garden and were able to enjoy a lovely meal. We decided we would share the experience with Taber & Rebecca who immediately cleared their schedules when given the opportunity to share our excellent company. But seriously, it was a very good meal and we did enjoy spending a portion of the evening with Taber & Rebecca. Other highlights of this week include Aaron and I going to The Referral Center at The MTC this evening because we are ward missionaries and, in Provo, that means going to the TRC seeing as inactive ward members are far and few between.


Holly said...

Congrats Aaron on getting straight A's! That's amazing!!! And what a fun way to celebrate! :)

Kira said...

I am glad you got to celebrate! Straight A's in college is pretty impressive - well done! How is the spring term going for you, Keely? And are you liking the TRC experience?

Eli said...

Yahoo! - woops - is that exclamation a trademark infringement now? Anyway, goo job Aaron!