Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is a picture of our living room which, as you can see, is couchless. Last Monday when we went to meet with Aaron's previous employer we found out that the couch we thought we would be receiving as payment was already gone. As it turned out Aaron's employer, Chris, was attempting to get out of his lease early without having to pay any penalty fees. So he offered his landlord anything that he had as payment, so when the landlord came by one of the things he chose to take for his payment was the very couch that we had our eye on. So since we couldn't have a couch we took 5 executive, leather office chairs. We decided to give one of them to Taber and Rebecca because Taber was so generous and was willing to help us move the couch (which turned out to be the chairs) back to our apartment with his truck. The other 4 we didn't really know what to do with until Aaron came up with this brilliant idea. We left 2 chairs intact and took the armrests and the backs off of the other 2 chairs. One serves as corner seating with a pillow for a backrest and the other as an ottoman for the remaining 2 chairs. It's definitely not as nice as a couch would have been but the overall goal of offering more seating has been accomplished and I suppose that at this stage of our lives it's okay for our apartment to look ghetto.


Holly said...

Sorry about the couch, but the chairs look pretty nice! Just FYI--we sold Curt's old office chair (which wasn't nearly as nice as these look) for $60 on either KSL or craigslist (I don't remember which). So if you ever do get a couch or just need extra money, you might be able to sell them!

Kira said...

Yes, I think ghetto is in, for as long as is needed! We are still in "ghetto" mode! Thanks for an update!

Codee said...

I like your chairs and it will make for a good memory!